maanantai 4. marraskuuta 2013

The Beginning

This blog is about my -71 Datsun 240Z. I bought it from Hollywood few month ago and after that it started journey towards Finland. Here´s few pics that was taken by seller of the car. There was something in that first picture that catch my eye, and I was sold. It just looked so good...

Paint was flaked and interior was in quite rotten condition, but I was looking project car anyways. Seller told me that car had rust free body and there was all new suspension bushes, shocks, tyres, etc, etc.

Engine and transmission was from 280ZX and it has also ECU from 300ZX (Z31). Car was in driving condition and seller even drive it to shipping company.

After few months waiting, I finally received my new Z. Picked it up from Hämeenlinna, and towed it to Turku.

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