torstai 9. tammikuuta 2014



That´s how I have spend last few weeks. Not my favourite part of this project, but it needs to be done.

All parts that could be removed from body were painted in my work where we have a small paint booth and rest of the body was painted in my garage where I made my own DIY "paintbooth".

After primer was sanded it was time for basecoat and clearcoat. That was done by my friend, because I didn´t trust my painting skills. There is lot of dust and other imperfections in that new paint surface so I need to wet sand and polish whole car..
..that's nice,  more sanding for me. :)

Original color was 901 silver. Silver that I used is from Honda color chart, and is little bit more golden than original Datsun color. Color code is YR508M, Heather Mist.

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