maanantai 3. helmikuuta 2014

The Wheels

Here are new wheels for my Datsun. Well not new as they are maybe over 20 years old, but new for me anyway. I bought these wheels even before I got the car, but now I finally find time to refurbish them. I have always liked these old BBS multi-piece wheels. In my previous project car I had BBS RS´s and these are RM´s.  While they might be played out, at least in German car scene, I like them and I think that they suit my Datsun perfectly.

Wheels are BBS RM 029 and they are 7.5 x 15” ET30. Bolt circle is 5x114.3, so I needed to change original 4x114.3. In front I used Z31 hubs and in rear there were drilled new holes. Originally these wheels have 1.25” lips and I wanted to have rear wheel wider than front so I bought two new 2.5” lips. 

Centres were in pretty good original condition and I also liked that gold color, so I didn´t painted them. Only thing that I needed to do was remove old lips, polish those two that I was using in front and then put all parts together again.

First I needed to part lip from center barrel. I used VW/Audi jack (AKA the Widowmaker) which makes it very easy. That might be only thing that jack can be used for.

After that I removed original lacquer with some paint remover that I could find from our local hardware store.  

After few hours lips looked like this and lacquer could be easily washed away.

Then I wet sanded and polished those lips and after that wheels could be re-assembled. I used new stainless steel bolts.

And of course I had to try them to car. Tyres are Toyo Proxes T1R 205/55 in front and 225/50 rear. I think that I get small spacer, maybe 5-10mm, in front but rear fitment is perfect. I have never liked wheels that poke 20mm outside fenders so this is perfect fitment for me.

This is drive height that I would like to have so I need to use coilovers, but more from that later.

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