sunnuntai 9. maaliskuuta 2014


When I bought my Datsun it has interior that was not in very good shape. Dash and seats were cracked and all floor mats needed to be replaced.

Seats and floor mats were easy to repair. You can buy new covers for seats and new floor mats and in my opinion they also look quite good. There is some wrinkles in seats but at least they are crack free now. Seat straps were also in bad condition, so I replaced them.

For dash there is available new covers that are made from plastic and are glued in. However I took different approach repairing my dash. I cut and taper those cracks so that they were little bit wider. After that I used fiberglass to fill those cracks and on top of that I used fiberglass filler to smooth everything.

After filler was sanded I painted whole dash with plastic paint. It turned to be quite good and time will tell how long it will last. However if it cracks again I could always use that plastic cover.

I also replaced my original speedo and tach. I used Speedhut gauges that are said to be good quality. And those can also be customized different lighting color, different tick style, font, etc. Both my gauges are 4" Revolution series.

In place of original speedo I used GPS speedo and tachometer. Because it is GPS I don´t need to use speedocable. In place of original tacho I used quad gauge where is oil psi, water temp, fuel level and volt meter. Both are with green background light to maintain original look.

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