keskiviikko 23. huhtikuuta 2014


Originally 240Z has brake disks in front, and drum brakes in rear. In my car drum brakes were already changed to brake disks and master cylinder was upgraded to larger originally found from 280zx turbo. However front brakes were original with non-vented disks and also brake booster was smallest that S30 has to offer, so I decided to upgrade those.

As brake booster I used largest that S30 has had, it is 10" diameter and found from 2+2 260Z. Master cylinder is 15/16".

In front I used Outlaw 2000 4-pot calipers. They are aluminium and weight only 1.3kg/piece. As disks I used Audi A4 312x25mm front disks that were made smaller with lathe so they can fit inside 15" wheel. Final diameter is 290mm.

Caliper carrier is cut from 12mm steel.  I used new EBC redstudd pads and braided brake hoses.

Rear brakes are from 280ZX turbo.

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